Friday, April 29, 2011

Góða Ferð! - Day Five

After spending one night at the two night music festival, me, Emily and Veronica made another executive decision to go ahead and get back to Reykjavik on Saturday rather than Sunday so we would not have to be rushed to get the car back to the rental place before 4:00 pm. The roads in the West Fjords are so up and down I really didn't want to chance having to leave way early in the morning and the roads sucking so bad and us wrecking the car and ruining everyone's day, etc. So, instead we got to take our time driving home, leaving at around 10 am and making a couple of casual stops along the way.

This is the Day Five route. Started at Ísafjörður and took the inland route back to Reykjavik. Roads on the inland were a lot better quality than the roads we took to initially get to Ísafjörður along the coast.
 One of our only planned stops was at the town of Heydalur. We read about a natural hot spring that they had discovered on their farm and all the did was place rocks around it and clean the place up a bit so the water was focused in one area. We had to see it for ourselves.
 This was inside of the large indoor pool/shed type place right next to the natural hot spring. These are reins holders for their multitude of horses, one specifically named, Texas.
 The indoor pool which was still pleasantly warm. All kinds of growing vegetation in this building as well.
 While we were swimming, one of the women on the farm came in and began to water all the plants living in here. The door on the far right in this photo is the exit to the outside natural hot spring.
 Emily and Veronica hanging out in the Heydalur hot spring with a beautiful view of snow covered mountains, horses, dogs and farmland
 Everytime I take a photo, Emily always has her "what are you doing?" face on
 One of the farm family's sheep dogs. The family lives here year round and houses guests in their large guesthouse in the summer
 Outdoor hot spring and door to indoor greenhouse/pool
 Family going for a walk with the dogs
 The view of the ROAD OF DEATH on our way back to Reykjavik. The cleared snow was piled up higher than the car as we passed it. I was so incredibly thankful this road was 1000 times better driving through on our way back than on the way there.
 Roads were clear, no rain, no snow, no ice. Iceland really makes you appreciate nice weather among other things.
 Our last windy scenery photo shoot before we got back home.
Veronica doing yoga poses

Ecstatic as I was to be home, safe and sound, we still had an extra day for our car and I was equally as excited to head to Snæfellsnes National Park on Sunday.